About eREACHNano  

A working group of the Nordic Council of Ministers initiated this information web page on REACH-relevant regulation for nanoforms with the aim of developing a simple and easily usable online tool to explain EU chemical legislation requirements for nanoforms.  


The project was coordinated by Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark through the N-Nano project group of the Nordic Chemical Working Group (NKG). DHI was engaged to develop the website -eREACHNano - which is developed in close cooperation with the N-Nano project group.


This website is designed as an update of the eREACH online learning course which is an E-learning of the European Chemicals Regulation, REACH, which entered into force on 1st June 2007. eREACH was first developed in 2007 in three languages: English, German and Danish. Some updates have been prepared for the German part in 2012 and 2017.


eREACH was originally developed in a cooperation with Ökopol GmbH, HSE consult and DHI. Funding of the eREACH was initiated by the Danish EPA. At a later stage, co-funding was found with the project partners themselves and from the German UBA, who financed the evaluation of a prototype version, and implementation into German.


eREACH has intitially focused on the bulk chemicals in REACH. However, during the years following the introduction of REACH, more attention has been focused on the diffrences regarding nanoforms resulting in the publication of separate guidance documents on nanoforms: these are available add-ons to the existing guidance documents.


In addition to this, the need for updating the eREACH is also timely as eREACH was developed before the first registration period (2010), and before the completion of all REACH guidance documents, and subsequent updates. Furthermore, the entry into force of the CLP (?June 2018) and its sequential application requires some updating of eREACH.


The Nordic Council of Ministers has together with DHI financed the development of eREACHNano.Later updates have all 100% been funded by the Nordic Council of Minsters. The lates updates is from June 2022.  


The overall purpose of this website is to give guidance on how to deal with nanoforms(materials) for their REACH registration. This includes to give an introduction to nanoforms, describe the main elements of REACH, its actors, and their roles and responsibilities. Extra emphasis has been placed on describing the documentation of safe use – and to explain where the distinction between bulk chemicals and nanoforms(materials) should be made.


All professional manufacturers and users of chemicals including their nanoforms (nanoforms) are covered by the European Regulation on Chemicals, REACH. Until now, the regulation has handled chemicals including nanoforms in much the same way.However, with the increasing awareness and knowledge of the different properties of nanoforms – specific guidance documents on nanoforms have been developed as add-ons to existing guidance documents.


This E-learning is not limited to enterprises as it also addresses persons working for competent authorities. This E-learning addresses most kinds of employees working in the chemicals’ area – management, HSE people, sales personnel, persons employed in the purchasing department. Special focus is put on REACH registrants of nanoforms.


By studying the E-learning sessions, you should be able to identify if you are working with a bulk chemical or a nanoform and to identify your obligations under REACH. After this introduction, you may better understand the more extensive guidelines provided by helpdesks, associations and other public bodies and understand the practical implication of this in your specific case.


You can find a list of important changes since the E-learning was implemented on the main menu under the point “Clarifications


You can find instructions on how to use the E-learning on the main menu under the point “Getting started”.